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Intellirex is the worlds foremost software experts on Penny Auction Software platforms. We produce new versions of Penny Auction Software every year and make all penny auction software compatible with any and all add-on modules so that your penny auction platform can run fully automated.

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a. Front End

  • Member Registration (With account validation link sent by email)
  • Member Login (Password is encrypted in the database).
  • Password recovery
  • Category (Search in all the product categories for bids)
  • Security (Provide admin and front-end security)
  • Check current Auction status:
    • Live Auctions
    • Upcoming Auctions
    • Closed Auctions
  • Member Control Panel:
    • Update Profile – email or password, they can all be changed there
    • My Balance – Here user can check his remaining credit balance
    • My Bids – Here user can check all the status of the bids he played
    • Bid Builders – Setup bidders
    • Buy Credits – In this section a user can buy credits to place bids
    • Tell a Friend – Invite a friend and receive free bids in your
    • My settings – User can maintain setting like subscribe to
    • My Won Auction – User can check all the details of auctions won
    • Private Sessions – History of your viewed private sessions
    • FAQ and INFO – Get answers of your questions here
    • News – Get updated for latest news
    • Bid Packets – Check bid packets available to buy and add to your
    • Help and instruction – Need any help check this section follow these
    • Privacy Policy – Users privacy and policy section
    • Terms and Condition – User can check all terms and condition here
    • Contact Us – User can contact us through email
  • Different payment methods (this requires a SSL certificate)
  • Multiple Images Upload per auction
  • Banner Rotation
  • Search engine (search by keyword, username, or item number)
  • Confirmation email sent
  • Live Support (if you selected this option)

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An additional cost per item applies – see below.

  • Reserve Penny Auctions: A reserve penny auction module was designed for USA based customers to remove all “robots” or “bots” that does place artificial bids on auction to move the price up to your reserve. Reserve auctions module does not use any “robots” and just allow the site users to bid the auction up to the reserve price. Once that happens, the highest bidder is the winner.
  • Bid-Back Reserve Penny Auction Module: This module was specifically made to allow users that bid on a reserve auction, to get their bids back in their account if the auction reserve was not met at the end of the auction. Now, if a auction does meet the reserve target and there is a winner, then all bids placed on that auction will be taken from each users account that placed bids and will not be refundable or returned to those users.
  • Seat Auctions: A seat auction is something like to regular penny auctions but having some difference from regular penny auction. In regular penny auction user have to pay for every bid but in this seat auction user only have to pay for the seat price. A seat auction is limited to a set number of participants and the auction does not start until the minimum seat requirement has been met. The seat price and number of seats are sated by admin. When all the seat are fill the auction will start automatically and in this auction user don’t have to too much worry about bids because bids are totally free of charge so user can place unlimited bid until the timer reach zero.
    For example You launch a seat auction of “Apple iPad 64GB WiFi” and set 10 seats for this auction and per seat price is $10 now if user like to take part in this auction then he have to pay the seat price which is $10 and when the last mean no. 10 user reserve the last seat the auction will start and now user can place the unlimited bids and as like penny auction last bidder will be the winner.
  • User Avatar: In this feature as a site admin you can add some avatar images, which are available for your site users. After adding this, your users can pick a new avatar in those pictures, which you added as profile picture. The avatar (profile picture) will show on user account and also show when they bidding.
  • Expand the Auction: This is a feature for your users get to arrange the auctions to their needs. In this feature every auction has the control buttons to expend or collapse the auction. It gives your user the capability to resize the auction main window to enable resizing within the users screen, so they don’t need to scroll the list to see the last items.
  • Buy Now inventory reduction: Like normal inventory reduction, users will have the Buy Now option on products or items listed if you use that option in your auction setup. This will reduce the number of products or items as specified by you on quantity available. If inventory quantity is depleted, the Buy Now option will automatically remove itself.
  • Free and Premium member Auctions: Free action when all registered users can bid on the auction. But your users need to register to bid.
    Only Premium (members who pay a fee) registered users can bid on the auction. To be a premium user, users need to pay a fee. This fee can be paid when registering or when a user wants to bid for a trip/holiday auction for example.
  • When inputting an auction in admin you will choose if it’s a FREE auction or only possible for premium members to bid.
    When a user’s premier membership time is over, they will be automatically set to Free auction member and can only bid on free auctions.
    They will be notified via email that membership as premium members has expired.
  • Free Shipping Module: In this module you can add a time period for a user so during this period when that user pays for their winning products they will get free shipping. In other words admin is giving free shipping services to a particular user.
  • Rebate Bid Module: In this feature you as a site admin, can rebate a particular percentage of bids to your first or second runner up users’ accounts, of bids they placed in an auction.
    For example: In an ended auction the winner is user A, user B is the first runner up and user C is the second runner up. In your admin panel you set the percentage of rebates to 50%. Now user A is the winner and gets the product. User B and C place for example 100 bids each. If your rebate was set to 50%, then 50 bids will be automatically returned to users B and C respectively in their accounts.
  • Honey Jar Module: In this module you as a site administrator can add a honey jar, which are actually bonus bids for a particular user. This honey jar is visible to all the users but only active for that user which is selected by you. So that particular user will get bonus bids.
  • Double Winner Auction: In a double winner auction admin has the option to launch a double winner auction for users. In a double winner auction, the top two members would be the winners for the same auction and will get the winning product.
  • Auto Refresh Auction: Items When an auction ends on the front end, then users do not have to refresh the page. After a few seconds a new auction from the same product will replace the old ended auction automatically. The product as uploaded by you as admin is based on in-stock availability for that type of auction.
  • Promotional Code Module: Create a marketing promotional code for all your Bid Packs and use that code on stationary, email marketing or other locations such as news paper marketing. Select the duration of the Promo Code and the discount to be applied. Select the amount of usages or clicks.
  • Multiple Language Option: In this feature you as site owner can select the languages you want to use on your site. We hard code them onto the site and users will have the ability to click a flag to go to their own language and view and bid on auctions. This is not using Google translate or and such service because these services can not translate the executions on the site such as actions that the bidder executes for example if a bidder places 2 bids on a auction, a warning pops up that tells the user they are already the highest bidder and can not bid again. Intellirex currently support most major global languages. Contact us for more details.
  • Multiple Theme Selection: In this feature as a site admin you will setup some themes for your users so your users have the option to select their favorite theme from their member control panel.
  • Many more modules are available to be added on to your penny auction software platform. Get your free quote today and start this new exciting business online.


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Main Features of the Penny Auction Platform

  •   Auction Post

    Penny auctions are custom post types and is very easy to add new auctions from our admin, assign categories, assign tags, set start price, set increase bid price and time.

  • Lifetime Support

    We offer you unlimited access to future updates, and lifetime support for all the questions and trouble you might have with installing and using the software. Our forums are packed with questions and answers about the theme.

  • Payment Gateways

    You do not need any special payment integration, as the software has already a payment system integrated. Currently it supports only PayPal , but we can offer services to custom integrate any payment gateway such as, 2Checkout, Google Checkout and

  • Auction Tools

    The software supports multiple common auction tools, like a start price, bid time increase and many more. Bidding the auctions is easy for your users, they just have to signup for an account on your site.

  • Total Control

    Your users are in total control, they can relist closed auctions, delete or close active auctions and edit their current auctions, changing the pictures, title, description and custom fields.

  • User Account

    Each user has its own account profile with all their bids to the auctions, buy bidding credits packages and more.

  • Intellirex Support

    The Auction Software supports the latest version of Intellirex Penny Auction Software. The software has been tested on our servers and works flawlessly and each time we keep it up to date with the latest versions.

  • Facebook integration

    Give the chance to your users to “like” the auctions, and to share them on their facebook wall. This simple tool is very useful for your site’s traffic and popularity.

  • Twitter integration

    Very easy integration with one of the most popular social networks, Twitter. Simply add your twitter account in the back-end and your users can follow you. Also each auction page has a share on twitter button.

  • Email Notifications

    Your users get email notifications, when they bid, they get outbid, or when they receive private messages .

  • Multi Currency Support

    The theme comes packed with multiple currency support. The main currencies supported are US Dollars (USD), Euro (EUR), British Pounds (GBP), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Australian Dollars(AUD), Japanese Yen(JPY), or the Brazilian Real etc


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