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US Auctions Live - America's Auctions Online and Live
US Auctions Live - Online Auctions


Professional Auctions Software

Professional Auction Software to run any auction listing and classified ads website fast and affective. We are the world leader in bringing you real time auction software in a unique platform that is user friendly for both buyers and sellers on all real-time auction listings whatever you may specialize in. Take a look at our portfolio to view some of these auction sites in live auction format namely US auctions Live; My Pet Trader; or others such as Real Hot Deals; all being real live auction platforms.

To start your professional auction software website today, contact us by phone or fill in this auction request form now.


Auctions Software

Auction User Area Auctions Admin Area Auctions Fees Area User Management Auctions Settings

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Auctions Software Services

Auctions Software Services


The Leading Auctions Software services provider in the USA and Internationally.

Server setup and provisioning.

Each Intellirex web server comes with the following tools and capabilities:


Features Included Details
MB Storage 1,5 Terabytes
Server Transfer (bandwidth) 15 Terabytes Transfer
SQL Database Quota 100 db
Host Domains + Sub Domains 999
Email Accounts/Imap Email Accounts 5000
Forwarding Accounts Unlimited
Auto responders Unlimited
CGI Library Yes
Server Sides Includes Yes
Log Files + Site Stats Yes
Microsoft FrontPage Extensions Yes
Account “Control Panel / V-Deck” Yes
FTP Access to servers Yes
Anonymous FTP Access Yes
Browser Based Email Yes
Commerce Related Features Include:  
Password Protected Directories/Files Yes
SSL Secure Server (shared) Yes
Multimedia Related Features Include:  
Real Audio & Video Yes
Windows Audio & Video Yes
QuickTime Audio & Video Yes
Streaming Audio Yes
Macromedia Shockwave Yes
MIDI File Support Yes
MIME Types Yes
Server Technology Features:  
Dell PowerEdge Servers Yes
Customized Apache Web Server Software Yes
Dual OC-48 Connections on Diverse Backbones Yes
Cisco Routers Using BGP4 Protocol Yes
Daily Back-ups Yes
UPS Power back-up, Back-up Generators Yes
24/7 Server and Network Monitoring Yes
Additional POP Accounts Yes
Legacy Databases Yes

Auction Software Setup and Capabilities.

Each Professional Intellirex Auctions Software Platform comes with the following setup format:


a)     This is a database driven website. MySQL databases will be activated and installed on your web server hosting platform to accommodate this interactive auction platform website to function and control/manage needed activity.

b)     The entire site will be comprised of an auction platform (auction software). The master structured database components are:

i)      The website

ii)      Master Admin (Full Control)

iii)     Second Level Admin (User Management)

iv)    User Account Holders Control Areas

c)     A hosting server will be activated to accommodate this database and the expected transactions for the first year of growth.

d)     The website will comprise of 2 (two) main user components:

i)        Buyers

ii)      Sellers

e)     Herewith a list of line items as to your specifications and our interpretation of the entire platform:

i)        Website layout will consist of a standard layout namely:

·         Top Navigation

·         Left Navigation

·         Main page content

·         Website layout size (auto resizable)

ii)      All pages on the entire site will be regulated by css (cascading style sheets) that ensures a clean effective and functional look to the site.

iii)     This also will ensure quick adjustments to the entire look of the site.

f)       The MAIN or home page (Index Page) will comprise of two main components:

·         Featured auctions (condensed version) (listed below top nav)

·         Current auctions (condensed version) (below featured auctions)

·         Recently Listed auctions (condensed version)

ii)      The reason for auction listings is to improve activity and interaction with search engines that visit the site.

iii)     The main page will have condensed listings of each auction (rotational and random) with links and images of each auction to take the user to that auction for more information.

iv)    Each auction will have a Bid or Bid Now link or make and offer based on sellers selections to entice the visitor.

v)     Each short or condensed listing will have info such as:

·         The actual auctions name or title (entered by the seller)

·         An image thumbnail of the auction

·         Auction Start Bid

·         Auction Current Bid

·         Auction End Date & Time

·         Each Auction will be boxed based on size as specified and adjusted from the master admin area.

vi)    On top of all these listings will be a search bar with browse by category options included, that opens in a search page with advanced search options available to user.

vii)  Another tool here would be a "Sort By" filters comprising of:

·         Auctions Title Sort

·         Auctions Start Bid Sort

·         Auctions Max Bid Sort

·         Auctions Number of Bids Sort

·         Number Ends Sort

·         Auctions Comparison Tool with check boxes next to each auction listing

viii) When auctions end, the database will remove them automatically within the timeframe as set in the admin area as specified or selected by you.

ix)    The Home page will have a News area and all news items will be displayed on the side as posted from the admin area by you.

x)      A banner or custom advert option will be added for display of your own banners or as additional revenue stream for the site based on categories.

g)     The TOP navigation bar will consist of the following:

i)        Corporate Logo

ii)      Top links (Home, Contact Us, and other links as controlled from admin)

iii)     Main Top Navigation will consist of the following buttons:

·         HOME

·         SELL

·         REGISTER

·         LOGIN/LOGOUT

·         STORES (If selected by you)

·         HELP (If selected by you)

·         SITE FEES

iv)    A easy MEMBERS AREA with login by user name and password will be on top or left navigation, only replaced by user admin tools once logged in.

v)     A complete CATEGORY list will appear below the user login box with all your sites categories as specified by you from the admin area.

vi)    Once a category was selected by a user, an available sub category will be displayed if you selected subcategories for that category from admin area.

vii)  If "STORES" (service providers) were selected as part of site, users will have options from there user admin to create their own user store categories and their store will display the categories they have created. These are private categories only used by that user inside their own store.

h)     Auction display and tools will consist of the following:

i)        The categories that this auction is listed in.

ii)      The auction Title

iii)     Auction ID number as generated by database

iv)    A auction tools area with the following:

·         Bidder or Seller Status derived from database

·         A print view option of this auction

·         A Watch this item button and link

·         A Send this auction to a friend

v)     Small image of the main auction picture

vi)    Auction details such as bid status, time left, location of auction and status etc.

vii)  Sellers Information area with ratings etc. of seller and info of seller etc.

viii) Description of the auction as entered by seller. This has a full html capability for sellers to enhance the listing options.

ix)    Auction Images. Based on your selection from the master admin, you will select how many images the user can upload per auction and the file size of each image.

x)      Auction Video. Based on your selection from the master admin area, you will select if video upload is available per auction and the max size of a video.

xi)    Payment options as selected by seller for buyers to pay them with for auction.

xii)   Shipping and shipping details as selected by seller for auction.

xiii) Disclaimer of listing.

xiv) Other items from this seller if available in a condensed version.

xv)  Bid on this item area.

xvi) Site notifications based from database on session control of users status such as you must login to bid etc.

i)        Bottom Site Navigation:

i)        A complete navigation bar will be at the bottom of all pages with the following links:

·         Home

·         Sell

·         Register (depending on logged in status)

·         Login/Logout (depending on logged in status)

·         Help if selected from admin

·         FAQ if selected from admin

·         Site Fees

·         Contact Us if selected from admin

·         Other custom links

ii)      Other links will be displayed here such as the sites TERMS AND CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLICY etc. with copyright notices and designed by notices for Intellirex.

i)        If banners or custom adverts were selected by admin, then those banners or adverts (such as Google Pay per click ads) can be displayed here.

j)       User registration and Account Setup:

i)        Registration is based on single individual or a business.

ii)      Mandatory fields are specified by you from admin area such as name, address etc.

iii)     User account setup e-mail confirmation to activate account is specified by you as site admin from your admin area.

iv)    Account setup is fee based or free as specified by you as site admin.

v)     Store activation for each user account is fee based or free as specified by you as site admin.

k)      User Admin area and Control links and buttons:

i)        Messaging

·         Sent

·         Received

ii)      Bidding

·         Current Bids

·         Won Bids

·         Invoices Received

·         Watched Items

·         Favorite Stores

iii)     Selling

·         Open

·         Items with Bids/Offers

·         Scheduled

·         Closed

·         Drafts

·         Sold

·         Invoices Sent

·         Fees Calculator

·         Preferred Fields

·         Block Users

·         Suggest a Category

iv)    Reputation

·         My Reputation

·         Leave Comments

v)     Bulk

·         Software to Download for users to bulk list or turbo list items and help section.

vi)    About Me

·         View (enabled by user with custom html page)

·         Profile Page (enabled by user - own url and chat services links etc.)

vii)  My Store

·         Subscription Setup (where user selects the store type) this is based on master admin and selections you set from there.

·         Main Settings where user uploads their own logo, select template style for their store and insert Store Name and description etc. (html enabled)

·         Store Pages (user setting number of store featured listings and ending soon auctions etc. including pages of store namely "about this store etc.)

·         Custom Categories (where user enters their own categories other than what the main site has as a category list.)

viii) My Account

·         Personal info

·         Manage account (PAY for site fees etc.)

·         Account history

·         Mail preferences

·         Report abuse to site admin.

Auction Software Admin Area Features.

Each Intellirex Auction Software Platform comes with the following admin features:


a)    Site Setup

i) Site Name

ii) Site URL

iii) Admin Email Address

iv) Choose Site Skin

v) Choose Site Logo

vi) Choose Site Language

vii) Maintenance Mode

viii) Initialize Auction Counters

b)    Users Management

i) Admin Users

ii) Users Management

iii) Custom Registration Fields Setup

iv) Login as Site User

v) Users Reputation Management

vi) Custom Reputation Fields (Sale/Purchase)

vii) Send Registration Activation Emails

viii) Send Newsletter

ix) View Abuse Reports

x) Ban Users

xi) Blocked Users

c)     General Settings

i) User Signup Confirmation Settings

ii) Closed Auctions Deletion

iii) Home Page Featured Items

iv) Category Pages Featured Items

v) Recently Listed Auctions

vi) Popular Auctions

vii) Ending Soon Auctions

viii) Auction Image Settings

ix) Currency Settings

x) Time and Date Settings etc.

d)    Auctions Management

i) Open Auctions

ii) Closed Auctions

iii) Unstarted Auctions

iv) Suspended Auctions

v) Sold Items

vi) Auctions Awaiting Approval

vii) Custom Auction Fields

viii) User Message Management

e)    Stores Management

i) Enable Stores

ii) Stores Subscription Management

iii) Stores Management

f)      Enable/Disable

i) Shipping Costs

ii) Home Page Login Box

iii) Home Page News Box

iv) Buy Out/Make an Offer

v) Seller/Buyer Terms and Conditions

vi) Bid Retraction

vii) Bulk Lister

viii) Category Counters

ix) Auction Sniping Feature

x) Ask Seller a Question Feature

xi) User Defined Language

xii) Enable Seller/Profile Pages etc.

g)    Custom Fields Setup

i) Set Up Box Types

h)    Categories

i) Edit Categories

ii) Edit Category Language Files

iii) View Suggested Categories

i)       Fees

i) Main Settings

ii) Payment Gateways Setup

iii) Fees Management

iv) Currency Settings

j)      Accounting

i) Overdue

ii) Overdue Clients (account mode)

k)     Tax Settings

i) Enable Tax

ii) Tax Configuration

l)       Tools

i) Word Filter

ii) Block Free Email Accounts on Registration

iii) Currency Converter

m)  Tables Management

i) Edit Countries Table

ii) Edit Auction Duration Table

iii) Edit Payment Options Table

iv) Edit Shipping Options Table

v) Edit Bid Increments Table

n)    Site Content

i) Voucher Management

ii) Edit Help Section

iii) Edit News Section

iv) Edit FAQ Section

v) Edit About Us Section

vi) Edit Contact Us and other pages such as Terms and Conditions etc.

vii) Edit Banner Management etc.

o)    Support

i) Support Desk

ii) Server Link


Ready to start your own professional auction platform? Click here to start.

professional auction software with live auctions and classified ads

To get started now with your new auctions software and new auctions web site, call us at (866) 767-1676 or fill in our auction request form.


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