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Professional Internet Technology IT Company

Intellirex is a Professional Web Design Company.

At Intellirex we provide professional programming to all our clients from Government to Corporate to Small Business websites. Below are some services that Intellirex can design, program and engineer for you:

  • Software Manufacturing,
  • Web and Mobile Apps,
  • Electronic Health Records EHR Software,
  • Website Content Management CMS Software,
  • Live Video Auction Platforms,
  • Complete Online Marketing,
  • Social Media Management,
  • Search Engine Optimization,
  • Database Management,
  • Mass Email Marketing,
  • Complete Hosting Services,
  • Security and Firewalls,
  • Backups and Data Retrieval,
  • 24/7 Support and much more.

Intellirex founded in 2001 with a staff of nearly 200 programmers can make any website or
database or online application a reality for you and your business; and professionally support it.

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Web Design Services

Apps for Mobile and Web

For 18 years Intellirex have been building and
designing thousands of websites. Long before Google or Facebook or any
others like eBay or Amazon were around. Let us do it for you.
Yes, we got an APP for that. Intellirex can design
any APP for your business on any platform. From Microsoft to Apple to
Google, Android Apps or IPhone Apps.
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SEO and SEM Services

Hosting & Email Services

Search Engine Optimization SEO, and Search Engine
Marketing SEM. Let Intellirex build a new optimized website and manage
your search engine marketing to make your company and products stand
Shared Servers, Dedicated Servers, Flex Media
Servers, Email Servers, Cloud Servers, Secure Servers and more. Let
Intellirex manage your server needs from Hosting to Cloud to Video
Servers and more.
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Live Auction Platforms

New Software Services

Live Auction Websites – The Auctioneer has a camera that broadcasts a live video to only the buyers or bidders and opens, allows bidding, answers real time chat messages from bidders and closes auctions by Going Once – Going Twice – SOLD buttons. Bidders can view full auction live stream videos and all product images in a gallery and chat live with auctioneer and bid real-time or place proxy bids.

The auctioneer can drop the item price real-time if no bids are coming in and also combine auction items at the end of an auction to form a auction lot. Bidders can pay online during the auction or after the auction and invoices are sent to all winning bidders. Auction reminders and tons more features are all part of our software platform. Click below to get a FREE QUOTE.

Intellirex can build and provide your business with exclusive branded software or industry wide software and build your active or passive platform exactly the way you need it. Our software programmers will produce secure server platforms to enable you to manage your hospital, manage your construction projects, manage your staff, control your monthly payroll, and thousands of more solutions based on your needs and budget.
Talk to us today at (406) 451-6222 or text us to get more information on the software solution you need. We will be glad to help set you up and support you throughout the entire process from start to finish. Call us NOW!!! or click below to get a FREE QUOTE.
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Penny Auction Software

Electronic Health Records EHR Software

New Penny Auction Software from Intellirex Web Design company. Let us build your Penny Auction Software platform with all the modules to automate your Penny Auction Software business. All you need is the bidders. We do all the rest. From setting up penny auctions, to managing penny auction schedules and auction events, to duration of auctions based on bids or relistings. Let us make it easy for your business to succeed in the busy Penny Auction Software industry with a superior penny auction website by Intellirex. Bidders can buy bids and use them to place bids or proxy bids on items they wish to win. We make it easy for bidders to set-it and bid-it and win-it. We automate everything for you also as business owner to make your penny auction platform automated, yet successful to the point of bidders coming back to win more.

Talk to Intellirex today to get all the details about your new Penny Auction Software platform and let’s get your penny auction business off the ground and succeeding. Cal us today at (406) 451-6222 for more information on our latest new penny auction software platforms. Click below for more penny auction software information or to get a free quote.

Intellirex has designed new EHR Electronic Health Records software to allow small medical companies or hospitals or home care businesses etc. to save millions of dollars in upfront costs as well as monthly costs from the industry providers who have been ripping-off healthcare providers for too long now. It is time for companies like Intellirex and others to get into this healthcare space and eliminate these expensive providers that have been SUPER-Charging this industry. Contact Intellirex today for info about EHR Software for your healthcare business.
Here is the basics, NO UPFRONT costs to you as healthcare provider, doesn’t matter how big or small you are. Monthly cost is based on amount of staff in your healthcare business and the cost per person is only $75 per month. That’s it. You do the math. How much can you save???
Talk to us today at (406) 451-6222 or text us to get more information on the healthcare software solution you need. We will be glad to help set you up and support you throughout the entire process from start to finish. Call us NOW!!! For more, click below.
Penny Auction Software EHR Healthcare Software



For Auction Websites or Penny Auction Websites, please visit us at

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